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The Georgii has offered debating classes for some years now. Here you get an idea of what debating is and what it looks like:
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to today's debate on the motion The Georgii (i.e. This House) believes that debating is a great way to improve your speaking, debating, and presentation skills from the proposing side of the House.

Let me begin today's debate by defining the motion:
We define The Georgii as the two debating teachers, Ms Blank and Ms Fetten and all interested students from grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 who are in our debating classes.
Moreover, we define a great way as challenging but fun activities to learn both, how to debate spontaneously but also to debate according to international standards.
With speaking skills we mean that students elaborate on their vocabulary and grammar, we define debating skills as knowing how to find and structure valid arguments and presentation skills as learning how to express yourself freely and fluently using your voice and body language effectively.

Now let me give you our teamline.
Firstly, we will talk about why debating is fun.
Our second argument will illustrate how students improve their English skills.
And finally, we will elaborate on the opportunities you get joining a debating class.

We would like to present our argument on why debating is fun now. This means that students enjoy attending debating classes for 45 minutes each week because they like to exchange arguments on current issues, they are happy to work in small teams, and they love speaking English. We would like to give you an example to prove this point: Let's have a look at a debating meeting. Each Tuesday and Wednesday, the Seniors, a group of about twelve students of Grade 11 and 12, come together and they hotly debate on issues like This House would monitor all public places or This house believes that public transport should be free. Different types of debating games are preceding such debates to prepare students for longer, heated discussions. The Juniors, Grade 9 and 10, will meet on Fridays.
Secondly, we argue that students will improve their English skills in debating. That is students have an extra 45 minutes per week to practice their English and to expand their vocabulary. Moreover, students learn to use English spontaneously as they have to react and rebut counterarguments in debates. Afterwards, the teachers not only comment on the arguments but they also talk briefly about certain grammatical issues which came up during the debate.
Finally, debating offers a lot of opportunities for our students, they have a lot more speaking time and they learn how to structure arguments and how to rebut someone else in more detail. Additionally, students can take part in debating competitions with other schools. This year in July, the Georgii will even host the World Schools Debating Championship 2016, so Georgii students will get the chance to see international teams from all over the world debating against each other on a very high level.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what have we told you today?
We have talked about that debating is lots of fun, that students can improve their English skills and  that debating offers a lot of opportunities for students. Therefore we beg you to propose the motion. Thank you very much.

Usually each argument of the proposition would be followed by an argument of the opposition. As we, however, believe that debating really is a benefit for our school, our students and for us teachers, we will skip the opposition here ± interested students are always welcome, contact Ms Blank or Ms Fetten if you like to drop in sometime.

C. Blank / N. Fetten

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